DIMOCO Carrier Billing is a European-wide regulated payment institute for carrier billing. The Fintech Company is a trusted partner of local and global mobile networks and enables almost 1 billion European subscribers to purchase goods and services from merchants and aggregators with their mobile devices which are charged via the operators’ billing system. DIMOCO user rules of conduct: Every user is responsible for the content & information that he or she posts. The user guarantees not to save or post content that violates applicable laws, specifically the criminal code or the Unfair Competition Act; or the rights of third parties, in particular their personal rights (right to be well-reputed); copyright or trademarks. Equally forbidden is racist, pornographic, derogatory, insulting or immoral content. We reserve the right to delete content violating these rules of conduct and to shorten bulk or chain content. If the violations are repeated, we shall ban the user from the site. We will exert this right in particular if

1. The user uses the trademarks/logos of the site owner in his or her own profile or in a link;

2. The user attempts to promote his or her own products and services at the expense of a competitor;

3. The user’s account is anonymous or a “Fake Account”;

4. The user makes untrue, derogatory, insulting statements or uses language aimed at personally attacking others;

5. The user always posts content of the same nature. We ask you to note that banning a user will result in the deletion of all previously posted content.

This is a technically-generated procedure outside our sphere of influence. To protect our employees’ privacy, we ask that you refrain from posting any names. We reserve the right to delete postings and comments containing names. Please send your comments and complaints about persons to hello@dimoco.eu and we will forward your email to them or to the relevant department directly.

Source: http://dimoco.eu

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