DinarDirham is a new blockchain technology platform addressing the issue of volatility in cryptocurrencies by connecting actual gold to blockchains. We’re a growing company, and we’ve made all the necessary connections to make this happen. Our goal is to offer a platform to those that otherwise would find digital currenciess too volatile to use, such as those wanting to store their wealth securely in a digital format, and those wanting to receive payment in a digital format. We’ve successfully done that by backing our digital currency with the gold spot price worldwide. This helps to avert the higher price fluctuation risks that can come with digital currencies and inflation. Why gold? Well technically our digital currency could be backed by any commodity. We’ve chosen gold because it’s a historically viable asset that people tend to recognize as a safe haven for their wealth, gold in general doesn’t fluctuate as much as conventional currencies, and it is often the wealth factor for entire nations. We have a number of products from which users may benefit. These include the DinarCoin, Gold Smart Contracts, and Physical Gold. We also have a soon to come DinarDirham Wallet

Source: https://www.dinardirham.com/

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