StokFella is a company that is looking to revolutionise a 19th-century practice into a modern and tech-savvy sector. Our Dream is to provide every ordinary hard working citizen; an opportunity to pursue financial freedom through their Stokvel.

StokFella was born from a question of, is there be a better way to manage stokvel administration burdens? The purpose of StokFella is to put the power of informed financial management and financial decision-making in the hands of all Stokvels while allowing everyday South Africans to participate in the economy of the country.

Having launched in early 2016 but researched and self-funded for more than 2 years prior; StokFella launched solution allows stokvels to organise, manage, communicate, visualise and be more efficient in growing their wealth.

By having stokvel groups and their members run in an orderly and a professional manner and succeeding in their objectives, StokFella believes that stokvels will be able to move towards a richer future benefiting the members and their wider communities.


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