Street Contxt is a global knowledge exchange for institutional finance. The platform provides smart, actionable insights; helping to create a more efficient Capital Markets system.

We assist sell side content producers – including sales, trading, desk analysts, research analysts, banking, and ECM – to distribute and track engagement with their desk commentary, research reports and news updates. We help build a smart, data driven business focused on client engagement and delivering the right resources, at the right time.

Street Contxt easily integrates with CRM programs and produces powerful reporting that delivers actionable insights for users and management, enabling sell side firms to be actively engaged in the health check of their desk, client engagement, commission allocation and business continuity.

We work with buy side – Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and Institutional Asset Managers- to help take back control of their inbox. We deliver a personalized experience by helping easily manage subscriptions to email and research, assisting in tailored discovery of new and relevant content in real time, and enabling cross organizational collaboration to benefit from the best content producers and articles.

Street Contxt helps buy side funds subscribe to the right content, accurately assess commission allocation, and remain current with evolving regulatory changes.

Accessible and available anytime, anywhere, through your desktop or mobile device, Street Contxt helps both buy side and sell side firms gain a competitive advantage, because in this market, smart wins.


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