Wahed Invest LLC is an SEC registered Investment Advisory. It is the first automated Shari’ah complaint investment platform in the world. Wahed’s mission is to provide an safe, reliable, and truly automated Shari’ah compliant investment vehicle to Islamic investors across the globe.

The experience at Wahed is truly automated. The Wahed Platform has been design and developed to allow clients with little financial knowledge to invest their savings with institutional level diversification. Wahed employs Modern Portfolio Theory to diversify investor portfolios, minimize risk, and maximize returns.

Wahed manages the personalized accounts of all its clients. We diversify portfolio allocations based on our client’s risk profile and periodically rebalance their portfolio while they can sit back and relax.

Our commitment to ethics is overseen, certified, and continually monitored by Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC. Straightway Ethical Advisory LLC is a boutique consulting group that specializes in providing Shari’ah compliance services to the financial services sector.

Source: https://wahedinvest.com/home.php

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